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Science lesson preparation
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Introduction to the science lesson plan
The lesson plan is represented by a table that shows the steps that the teacher must follow to provide a lesson to a specific group of students during a specified period, and it can be defined as the framework or map that determines how to plan and manage the class from the first meeting with students until the end of the final exam

 According to this definition, the lesson plan requires the adoption of effective learning and ensuring that students benefit from the maximum amount of learning in the least possible time; Therefore, the lesson plan is a very useful tool for the teacher, as it serves as a guide and resource that reflects the teaching philosophy of teachers.

 The lesson plan also helps keep students focused throughout the lesson because the teacher moves from one step to another in a smooth and premeditated manner.

The importance of making a science lesson plan
The benefits of making a science lesson plan can be summarized as follows: Directing teachers' thinking towards the lesson outcomes expected to be achieved by students and how to achieve them. Providing a framework that includes organizing ideas, teaching methodology, necessary materials, and others.

View lesson information coherently. Avoid completely relying on textbooks. increase students' confidence in their teacher; Because they feel he knows what to do. Enhance the teacher's self-confidence. Anticipate and avoid problems or difficulties that may occur during the explanation.

Increasing the teacher's ability to adapt to the differences between the classes he teaches. Determine the activities and materials that must be used to achieve the objectives. Link the lesson to the general curriculum objectives.

Determine lesson objectives
The educational goal, the information and skills that the student should know and be able to do after completing the learning process, are determined before starting the planning of the lesson.

 Among the things that must be taken into account when formulating goals are the following: Clarity: that is, the goals describe specific tasks; Such as description, analysis, or evaluation, and devoid of ambiguous concepts and tasks, such as: appreciation, understanding, or exploration.

Importance: where goals are set that include information, basic tasks and the task that the student must master. Achievability: Any possibility of providing the materials necessary to achieve it, and the possibility of achieving it within the specified time period.

Evidence and measurability: that is, the extent of its achievement and achievement can be determined, and it can also be evaluated. Equity: so that all students have the same opportunity to achieve it. Relationship to the course and program objectives: that is, the objectives should be comprehensive and linked to the institutional objectives as a whole.

Preparing the students for the lesson
The preparation aims to prepare students to understand the lesson. When planning the lesson, time must be allocated to draw the students’ attention to the lesson to arouse their interest and activate their previous information towards the topic. The teacher can consider this information as the cornerstone on which the new lesson depends.

 Despite the importance of preparing students, the time allotted for it should be short so that teachers do not waste class time in it. For example, if the time allotted for the whole lesson is 45 minutes, the preparation should not exceed five minutes.

 Among the activities suitable for preparing students are the following: Linking students' previous information to the new topic. Arouse students' attention through practical presentations. Benefit from the experiences of the teacher himself and discuss with the students. Introduction to the new lesson using scientific anecdotes. Take advantage of the students' information related to the topic of the lesson and start discussing it.

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