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Neues Board / Hey I hope you are well
« Letzter Beitrag von AnthonyMeata am Oktober 15, 2021, 01:05:08 Vormittag »
I'm a simple girl who loves having fun chatting and meeting new people. You will always find me smiling and happy because nothing disturb me!
Neues Board / Geld verdienen wo investieren Bad Berneck i.Fichtelgebirge Bitcoin Revival Wolfhagen
« Letzter Beitrag von Ronaldjally am Oktober 14, 2021, 11:13:08 Nachmittag »
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Neues Board / эвакуатор Москва
« Letzter Beitrag von PhillipZoofe am Oktober 11, 2021, 09:21:04 Vormittag »
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Neues Board / How to add a link on Twitter
« Letzter Beitrag von merehan am Oktober 11, 2021, 12:11:20 Vormittag »
How to add a link on Twitter
Users can add a link (URL) to their tweets or messages by following these steps: Type or paste the link you want to publish in the tweet composing box or in the place of writing private messages.

Note that the link will be shortened and shortened to less than 23 characters. Press the Tweet button to post the tweet, or the Send button to send the private message.

The reason for shortening links in Twitter
The links in published tweets or private messages are shortened using the ( service for several reasons, the most important of which are the following: The ability to share long links without exceeding the upper limit of characters allowed in tweets.

Obtaining information related to the number of clicks on the link, which is an indicator to measure the interaction and the extent to which people are interested in entering the link.

Contribute to protecting users from harmful links and sites that may contain viruses or malware, as the service checks the link and warns the user of an error or defect in it before publishing it.

Other ways to shorten links
Users can resort to services other than the service available to shorten links published in Twitter, such as (click here), or (click here).

Or (click here), or budurl (click here), which will shorten the required link up to 80% or 70% of its previous length

Tips for using links
Among the important things that it is recommended to follow when using any link on Twitter is the following: Be aware of clicking on shortened links using services and sites other than Twitter, because they may be dangerous or harmful to a device or may threaten the security of user data.

Pay attention to the warning messages that the user receives from Twitter regarding links, as Twitter usually checks links to ensure their validity, security and safety of use. Verify the user's website and page before entering passwords or personal information

The link may have redirected to fake pages that steal user data. Placing an appropriate title before the link to help other users understand and explain why they are accessing it.

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Neues Board / How does the ear work?
« Letzter Beitrag von merehan am Oktober 10, 2021, 10:11:15 Nachmittag »
The ear is the organ of hearing in living organisms, and it is called the outer part of the auditory system, which is the pinna, or the auditory system as a whole. .

outer ear
Pinna: It is the cartilage that lies outside the head, and a piece of fat, called the earlobe, hangs from it. The pinna is connected to the head by three muscles.

The auditory canal: It is a canal that connects the auricle with the middle ear, its length is about 5 cm, and it ends with the eardrum.

TRANSLATED FROM:فقدان السمع الشديد

In the outer third of the duct, there are small hairs, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands, which secrete the waxy substance known as ear glue; To capture dirt, bacteria and fungi and prevent them from entering the ear.

A small chamber with a size of one square centimeter, containing the three hearing bones, which are very small, called in succession from the outside to the inside, the hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup, all connecting between the eardrum and the cochlea .

inner ear
The cochlea: looks like a spiral shell, it is composed and filled with fluid, it also contains a basement membrane filled with hair cells, which is the actual organ of hearing, and another membrane hanging over the hair cells called the tectorial membrane.

The vestibule: a small chamber, containing two sacs, each lining the sensory cells connected to the nerve fibers, small grains called equilibrium dust, covered with a thin membrane, and two thin membranes called the oval window and the round window.

The three semicircular canals: They are three canals arranged perpendicular to each other. They contain tubes that carry liquid inside, and they swell at the end, forming a small sac, containing sensor cells linked to nerve cells.

TRANSLATED FROM:سماعات ضعف السمع

How does the ear work?
The sounds that we hear are transmitted through the air, or solid materials by means of vibrations, and the sounds differ in the number of vibrations per second, which is called the sound frequency, and the amount of energy carried by these vibrations, which is called the intensity of sound.

As for the main way of transmitting sound to the inner ear, it is by collecting the sound by the flint, then passing it through the auditory canal, reaching the eardrum and causing it to vibrate.

The ossicles strengthen the vibrations, so the basal plate of the stirrup vibrates inside the oval window, creating waves within the cochlea in the inner ear. The second method is through the bones of the skull, where sounds are transmitted to the inner ear, and it is called the bone transmission method.

TRANSLATED FROM:المعينات السمعية

The vibrations in the cochlea put pressure on the basement membrane, which is filled with capillary cells, and they slide on the tectorial membrane, which in turn transmits signals to the nerve capillaries, and then to the temporal lobe of the brain

In turn, he translates these signals into sounds, and the sound is determined by both ears. When the sound is heard from the left side, its strength is slightly more in the left ear than in the right ear, so the brain analyzes that the sound is from the left side.
Neues Board / Creative ideas in teaching mathematics
« Letzter Beitrag von merehan am Oktober 10, 2021, 09:13:46 Nachmittag »
Teaching by playing
Games play an effective role in regulating learning; Where play activities are used to bring children's scientific principles closer and expand their cognitive horizons, and thus develop children's behavior and mental and physical abilities while achieving fun and entertainment at the same time.

 Here are some activities that can be done in the classroom: get a light ball and put stickers on it; These stickers contain a combination of decimals, integers, or fractions

The teacher starts by throwing the ball to one of the students and the student must choose one of the stickers and read the number written on it and then remove the sticker, after that the student throws the ball to another classmate and so on; Where each student must read his own number

 The game may include adding or multiplying the number chosen by the student with the number mentioned by the previous student to install the multiplication table. Divide the students into small teams and give them measuring tools for length - a meter or a ruler

 Then ask them to choose two or four items in the classroom that they think are equal to a meter or a centimeter. The groups choose the items and record their lengths. They can be asked to convert meters to centimeters, or centimeters to micrometers.

Use a problem solving strategy
The problem-solving strategy is a scientific approach in education that begins by stimulating the student’s thinking by creating a problem worthy of thinking and searching for its solution according to scientific steps, and these steps include the following: Collecting data about the problem.

Data analysis and interpretation. access to the solution. Through this method, the student acquires a set of creative thinking skills, and this method develops his ability to draw plans to overcome difficulties and face the problems he faces.

 In mathematics, the teacher asks a mathematical question that is worth thinking about, then the students begin to try to solve this question according to the previous steps. Here are some examples of some mathematical problems that this strategy can be used to solve:

 Example (1): Any of the following numbers; 4,5,6 is the solution to the equation: (x+3)*(x-2)=36 SOLUTION: Replace x with each given number and the only solution is 6.

Projecting math problems into real life
Students learn most effectively when math problems are projected onto reality; For example, when explaining a lesson on how to find space

 The teacher asks the students to find the area of ​​wallpaper needed to stick them in a room, after providing them with the dimensions of the walls and the size of the windows, or asking them to think of the number of tiles needed to fill the room’s floor

سجلات مدير المدرسة حسب الدليل الاجرائي الجديد
وحدة المسكن رياض اطفال
تحضير mega goal 3 1443
Neues Board / Re: Es geschah 2002 - an einem Abend, etwa kurz vor 8 Uhr Abends...
« Letzter Beitrag von Ronaldbig am Oktober 07, 2021, 10:41:37 Nachmittag »
Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram back after outage.
Social media services Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are back up and running after an outage that lasted almost six hours, Facebook says.
Победитель лотереи Saturday Lotto о себе и планах на жизнь:
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Neues Board / components of the educational system
« Letzter Beitrag von merehan am September 30, 2021, 04:29:59 Nachmittag »
Academic Staff
Any successful educational system needs a distinguished and experienced academic staff as well as leadership skills to facilitate the educational process.

 Despite all the developments that reduce dependence on human resources, and facilitate the provision of information in a systematic and high-quality technical form, this cadre cannot be dispensed with.

Supervising government body
Academic entities are subdivided by state divisions and laws, and at every social level there is a ruling authority that has central control over academic curricula within its social unit.

TRANSLATED FROM:تحضير الدروس عين

 It works to strengthen the rehabilitation and educational programs, and studies the case of each student with the possibility of providing assistance and support to those in need.

education strategy
The first five years of a student’s life are of great importance in the development of the child, and the consolidation of basic academic concepts that help him in all aspects of his life.

 As the educational experiences at this age stage are considered the most influential in the skills acquired by the child.

Educational process
The education process needs to study and prepare the study materials, present the results, criticism and observations to develop them, and then work on integrating the educational process with technology.

 And take advantage of the advanced technical skills it offers, taking into account the student’s case study, the extent of his reception of information, the type of environment in which he was raised, and the most appropriate ways to provide information to him.

Academic Information Sources
Sophisticated references in the era of the technological revolution and informatics work to blend all the developments that have occurred in the academic field.

 Developing and pouring them into one advanced mold that accommodates the needs of students to reformulate the intellectual awareness about the entity of the educational institution and the school.

TRANSLATED FROM:تحضير الدروس لمادة التربية المهنية

Ambient culture
The educational system must take into account the social, religious, moral and cultural customs in educational environments, so that it develops and simplifies them for learners.

 Presenting it to the student in a positive and systematic academic format that reflects a good vision of his surrounding environment, and does not isolate him from it.

Financial support
Governmental institutions in the educational sectors should study education development plans and strategies, make a decision on whether they are appropriate to move forward, and study their financial cost with everything they need.

Studies indicate that students who excel in their academic achievement spend extra time in library reading. Librarians should allocate time to teach students and give them lessons about the importance of reading in a collaborative process with teachers, in addition to the developmental processes that serve the interests of students in studying library materials.

Criteria for a successful educational system
A successful educational system must contain several criteria, the most important of which are: The ability to successfully complete the student's teaching process. Studying the teaching curricula and its impact on the success of the teaching process. Follow-up of the student by parents and teachers.

TRANSLATED FROM:تحضير القرأن للصف الأول المتوسط 1443

 Giving employees of the educational system a role in making academic decisions. Developing the skills of employees in the educational system. Providing rehabilitating techniques and curricula for students in the early stages.

Getting rid of the determinants of education by providing health and social needs. Relying on advanced technology and systems that raise the efficiency of students and teachers in applying.
Neues Board / Versaute Stieftochter und heiße Frau: Triff mich bei OnlyFans!
« Letzter Beitrag von Mollykib am September 29, 2021, 09:52:42 Nachmittag »
Kinky Stepdaughter and Howife roles: meet me at OnlyFans!
Hallo Leute!
Ich bin Molly, aus Frankreich.
Willst du ein paar Videos über meinen Stiefvater Verführung machen.
Und über meine Hotwife Rolle: f*cking mit anderen Männern, wenn mein Mann davon wissen.
Ich bin 26 Jahre alt, habe einen schönen sportlichen Körper, große Titten, großen Hintern und natürlich leckere Lippen :)
Abonniere mein Profil, sprich mit mir, sende deine Ideen für Videogeschichten!

Ich bin aufgeschlossene Dame ohne Grenzen in meinem Kopf))) Liebe ungewöhnliche Dinge zu machen.
Wir sehen uns bei OnlyFans! Toi toi toi!
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